Summary of New Drug Scare

New drugs not well-explained. Bath salts won’t get you high. Epsom will just dry out your nose. Don’t throw out your Epsom salts.

Drug chemists in Europe are making designer drugs, then shipping them over here. Dealers here sell them labeled as “bath salts” or “plant food”. The specific chemicals aren’t against the law over here just yet; but that won’t save you from being incredibly messed up by them. Sooner rather than later, the chemicals will be added to the list of illegal substances, and/or some kind of interstate trade or customs regulation will be written or found. Meanwhile, comment box druggies suggest that their friends didn’t like this nasty stuff, either.

Don’t use these fake bath salts in a bath. I suspect you would be sicker than a monkey or dead. They probably don’t make good plant food, either.


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