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Joy Asked about How to Pronounce Cu Chulainn

For all your old British Isles language needs, Cambridge’s ASNC Spoken Word site. It includes the story of how Cu Chulainn got his name, read by an Old Irish scholar in that language.

So there’s my best guess. Listen as the lenition and mutation and all of that consonant weirdness melts your mind…..


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Immoral Purposes

It used to be the case that hotels were not allowed (knowingly) to rent out rooms for “immoral purposes”. This was primarily meant to discourage pimps and prostitutes from being able to play rent-a-brothel or rapists and “white slavers” from having safe havens. But it was also meant to forbid hotel stays by couples not married to each other, and not brought together by cash. (This was why couples used to sign in under false names as Mr. and Mrs.)

You still see remnants of this with laws or hotel policies which forbid minors (or even young legal adults) to rent rooms even if they have the money, and so on. But on the whole, even the prostitution bits seem to have gone by the wayside. When did this happen? Was there a legal justification given?

I bring this up because a Cornish hotel-owning couple was recently sued for discrimination for trying to ban unmarried couples at their hotel, when in the past they would have been fined severely by UK or US law if they hadn’t tried to ban unmarried couples. There are a few twists to the story, of course; but the reversal of the whole course of the law is interesting, to say the least.

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