Good News Post for Sailorette

Via Instapundit, a UK engineer develops a new kind of heart implant — and has it tested on himself. Amazing story of crossover tech applications.

John Carter of Mars is actually no-kidding coming to a theater near you, in March 2012.

If you’re feeling bored, there are 42 (!) new “urban fantasy” and “paranormal romance” books coming out in February. That’s FEBRUARY ALONE. That’s the power of romance-reader voraciousness.

Anyway, the bizarre mind of the Doctor Who writer Ben Aaronovitch is behind one of them, as he tells the tale of a cop whose star witness is a ghost. Other February authors include Tom Holt, Mary Stanton, Sheryl Nantus (formerly of Canadian X-Files fanfic fame), and an urban Roman Empire fantasy called The Curse-Maker which sounds like tons of fun. (Nantus’ Blaze of Glory has a great premise: What if superhero battles were scripted shows, like professional wrestling? And then, what if the superpowered showmen had to fight a real and overwhelming enemy?)

Ain’t It Cool News was founded by Harry Knowles, who spent a lot of time on the Internet because he’d become unable to walk. Just in the last month, he underwent spinal surgery to remove pressure on his spine — and after all these years, he’s beginning to walk again. Read the continuing saga on Twitter.

YouTube premieres a new documentary on its website at 8 PM EST (5 PM PST) today (Thursday). It’s the story of one day on Earth, created by user-submitted videos edited together. Just go to this evening, and doc’s u mentary. 🙂

An ice skater has overcome a bizarre muscle condition to aim for the Olympics.

Father Z’s latest “post your good news” thread.


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5 responses to “Good News Post for Sailorette

  1. *waves*

    Thanks for mentioning “Blaze of Glory”! Loved writing it and loving working on the sequel!


    • Maureen

      You’re welcome! I’m just glad to see you being so prolific and interesting in your work. So many interesting writers just vanish back into the pond — which is sad for us readers.

      Money! Glory! Etc.!

  2. Heh, how did you know you’re on my list of “enjoyable” blogs? *grin*

    Mr. Knowles’ story is outstanding.

    The engineer is… oy. *grin* Love to see technology working. (My mom was on Warfarin for a while, after a blood clot. If I remember right, she had to give herself shots in the stomach each day. The pressure from just holding the skin taunt for a subcutaneous shot left huge bruises.)

    • Maureen

      Well, I didn’t know for sure, but I figured I’d make the gesture. 🙂 Btw, sorry I keep forgetting to use your “new” (now older than dirt, on the Internet) nickname. I have a terrible way of getting stuck on the first piece of info, and am probably turning into one of those people who gives directions based on buildings that were torn down twenty years ago.

      • Hey, any way you remember me, it works. I keep calling you “Suburban Banshee” because that’s how I remember you.

        Famous family directions: “Take a right three miles before where that old barn use to be.” (Given to family members who were visiting from halfway across the country. It worked.)

        The funny thing is, I was “Foxfier” since back in about ’96, and changed to Sailorette only in about ’03. Mozilla stole my name! *hehe*

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