Lang Lang: Fawning over Mao

About Lang Lang’s little “prank” of playing the themesong of a Chinese propaganda flick about the Korean War in the White House – here’s the real kicker. Lang Lang is a classical pianist.

Who killed more classical pianists and other musicians than anybody else in history, including Stalin? Who killed hundreds of millions of his own people? Oh, yeah. That’d be Mao, who was behind the Korean War.

Whom our Lang Lang apparently holds in fond memory. Sorta like if Jews loved Hitler so much, that they often would do a little singalong of the “Horst Wessel Song”. Mmm, mmm, mmm. You just keep walking on the corpses of your murdered relatives and fellow artists, Lang Lang. Steppingstones to success, yuppers.

Of course, the Korean War’s not exactly a shining Chinese patriotic moment in many other ways. The Chinese peasant conscripts being sent out as nothing but waves of cannon fodder. The fact that there was only a war because the North Koreans and Chinese could hide behind the USSR’s nuclear skirts. The way China did nothing but provide itself with crazy military-heavy nuke-happy neighbors by propping up North Korea. Oh, yeah, nothing but good memories there. Way to show us!

Of course, if Lang Lang were really trying to make a point that the current Chinese expansionism, imperialism, and military ambitions would inevitably lead to more disasters for the Chinese people, he ought to man up and admit that’s his game.

Here’s a Chinese art tradition that was totally stamped out in the Cultural Revolution: Shanghai animation.


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2 responses to “Lang Lang: Fawning over Mao

  1. What do you think of the lyrics of this song? The translation given in Wikipedia contains no specific reference to Korean war incidents. It appears to have been composed as a kind of mood backdrop, like music, itself.

    According to Wikipedia, it was originally entitled “A Big River,” and refers to life in China, not in Korea.

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