Actually, It’s Probably More Dangerous to Adults.

Stupid people in stupid bong shops are apparently selling brownies full of melatonin to people who can’t figure out how to buy regular melatonin in the drug store’s vitamin aisle. So the schools are warning parents not to let kids buy melatonin brownies, because melatonin is dangerous to kids.

1. Melatonin isn’t a narcotic sedative. You apparently can’t overdose on it, per se, although you can get weird side effects (and the more you take, the more likely to get them). Light on your eyes makes it break down, anyway; so unless the kids are sleeping in complete darkness without nightlights, there’s nothing to worry about.

2. Really young kids apparently have huge levels of melatonin at night, much more than adults could even dream of. Kids from 18 months to 6 years old have between 60 and 100 mg in their blood, and older kids are at 35 or 25 mg. This is why kids and teenagers sleep so soundly.

These brownies have 7.8 mg of melatonin in the whole thing, which is supposed to be two doses of melatonin for adults. But as you see, that dose is a quarter or less than half of what kids normally produce all by themselves for normal sleep. And heck, in the usual contrary fashion of kids’ meds, those kids who take melatonin pills can actually end up with sleeplessness or hyperactive behavior as a side effect. So it’s very unlikely that kids are going to brownie themselves unconscious. Adults, not so much.

3. Melatonin is “dangerous to kids”, only in the sense that it’s stupid to give growing kids melatonin and maybe mess with their brain’s natural workings. (Unless they have the nastier side-effects — about which, see below.)

4. People prone to seizures, including kids, often have increased seizures as a side effect to taking melatonin. So that really is dangerous and undesirable.


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5 responses to “Actually, It’s Probably More Dangerous to Adults.

  1. …Why would you give your a child something to eat that came from a bong shop?

  2. Maureen

    I wouldn’t. Especially not a brownie.

    But there’s a lot of stupid people in this world, and some of them are parents. (Who apparently give their kids enough allowance to buy dubious brownies.)

    • Maureen

      Although it also might be an attempt at a preemptive strike by the school administration, or one of those things where an email warning is circulating before anything actually even happens.

      • Maureen

        Huh. Apparently there are actually legitimate convenience stores selling this stuff (sorta like they sell “5 Hour Energy” and other non-prescription non-standard pills). But only the people who own bong shops are apparently going on record about testing it themselves.

        I still think it’s stupid stuff to be selling….

      • Argh, looks like it’s MORE stupidity on the “anything that has an animated mascot is for kids!” front.

        Wish they’d grow a brain: kids like sweets, if it has a stupid 70s style label or not. If you are buying your children something sold next to 5 hour energy that has a big warning that it causes drowsiness, you need to grow a pair.

        The really obvious weed allusion just makes it worse.

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