Cornelius a Lapide: The Great Commentary

Some Jesuit dude named Cornelius a Lapide did a big ol’ commentary on the whole Bible. “All these commentaries are on a very large scale. They explain not only the literal, but also the allegorical, tropological, and anagogical sense of the sacred text, and furnish a large number of quotations from the Church Fathers and the later interpreters of Holy Writ during the Middle Ages. Like most of his predecessors and contemporaries, a Lapide intended to serve not only the historical and scientific study of the Bible, but, even more, the purposes of pious meditation, and especially of pulpit exposition.” It was originally written in Latin, of course, to allow a worldwide audience.

Bits and pieces of it are available online for your convenience. There’s a page that includes little bitty pieces but advertises itself as being the whole schmole, for example. Given the page counts below, you can see that they were only using the summary material. The New Testament commentaries are a lot more available than the OT ones.

However, U of Toronto has scanned in many of the volumes as translated into English by Thomas W. Mossman and W.F. Cobb, albeit with their oft-incredibly-crappy cataloguing. Unless noted otherwise, all editions have the same page count. (Mossman left out some “technical material” from his translation which Loreto Publications added back in; so if you’re wondering why Loreto Publications claims their mostly-reprint edition to be the first translation into English of Lapide’s gospel commentaries, that’s why.)

S. Matthew’s Gospel, Chapters 1-9, trans. Mossman. 1887. 379 pp.

S. Matthew’s Gospel, Chapters 10-21, trans. Mossman. 1889. 435 pp. 1908 ed.

S. Matthew’s Gospel, Chapters 22-28; S. Mark’s Gospel complete. Trans. Mossman. 1891. 448 pp.

S. Luke’s Gospel, trans. Mossman. 1892. 528 pp. 1908 ed.

S. John’s Gospel, Chapters 1-11, trans. Mossman. 1887. 416 pp. 1908 ed.

S. John’s Gospel, Chapters 12-21, and Epistles of John 1, 2, and 3, trans. Mossman. 1892. 516 pp. 1908 ed.

1 Corinthians, trans. Cobb. 1908. 408 pp.

2nd Corinthians and Galatians, trans. Cobb. 1908. 360 pp.

Volumes in Latin of Commentaria in Sacram Scripturam:

Paris 1891 edition, all divvied up into volumes and chapters and everything. Digitized by the New Leon university in Mexico.

Vol. 2: Joshua, Judges, Ruth; the 4 Books of the Kings (today, Samuel and Kings); Chronicles; Ezra, Nehemiah, Tobit, Judith, Esther, and Maccabees. Naples, 1854. 903 pp. Nice lectionary index in back for all volumes.

Vol. 6: The Major Prophets. Naples, 1856. 1276 pp.

Vol. 7: The Minor Prophets. Naples, 1857. 760 pp.

Vol. 8: The Four Gospels. Naples, 1857. 1010 pp.

Vol. 9: S. Paul’s Epistles. Naples, 1858.

Vol. 10: Acts of the Apostles, the Canonical Epistles, and the Apocalypse (Revelation). Naples, 1859. 1154 pp.

Antwerp edition, 1694, at the University of Madrid, over at the Hathi Trust:
Book of Wisdom.
Song of Songs.

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