Day of Rest Argggh

For whatever reason, I was overwhelmingly tired this morning. I went to bed late, admittedly, but not that late. I woke up with a good six hours, and was still hugely sleepy.

By which I mean that I fell asleep in the middle of eating breakfast. Luckily, my breakfast was a potato. (It seemed like a good idea at the time.)

So I woke up an hour later with a half-eaten potato, decided that my chances of catching the bus up the hill were small, and then decided it would be better to eat the rest of the potato, sleep in an extra hour, and just walk up the hill. Which is what I did. It wasn’t too cold or damp this morning, so it worked out. But I was still very very tired.

So when I got home from church, I slept another three hours, including a doozy of a nightmare which (unlike the overwhelming majority of my dreams) I can remember perfectly. And I’m still tired, and the shadows under my eyes look worse than our little pope’s, even. Seriously, it looks like somebody slugged me, and then gave me a tattoo the color of a really nasty bruise. I haven’t even been doing anything to my poor eyes!

So now I have to find something to eat. I should be hungry by now, given that I’ve walked a couple miles and sung for choir, even if I did eat a small cinnamon roll and drink an orange juice after church. But I’m not really hungry at all – just sleepy. Sleeeeeeeepy.


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2 responses to “Day of Rest Argggh

  1. Wow– if your body is THAT enthusiastic for you to rest, you probably should!

    • I suspect that I overdid the caffeine this week, and that yesterday was my body’s revenge…. I probably wasn’t sleeping as well all week as I should have been. But I slept pretty well last night despite all the rain and storm, and I woke up feeling perky! So that’s probably about it.

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