Horseradish, Apples, and Fish.

Heck, yeah, this is what I want to eat for Lent!

Here’s a sort of Lenten variety plate from a hotel in Austria, with mostly veggies and some fish and eggs. This might be a good way to vary things for your family — let them pick out a little of everything from a plate in the middle. (You could also use up a lot of bits and pieces of veggies and things, this way.)

Interesting fact: the English “to fast” literally comes from the “stick fast” sort of meaning. (The German “fasst”, too.) Fasting is enduring, or sticking to certain restrictions. So you can see how the word easily covers both refraining from eating certain things and certain amounts. In Latin, there’s a clear difference between “jejunium” (“emptiness” – not eating or drinking) and abstinence. But there have always been a lot of qualifiers to define exactly what you’re doing….

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