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I have started another blog to run my translation of St. Beatus of Liebana’s Commentary on the Apocalypse. Right now, Beatus is pretty much all a transcription (with some simplification of the vocabulary, and a few additions from other Fathers or Beatus himself) of St. Apringius of Beja’s commentary. There will be more goodies and differences later, as Beatus’ book starts to break new ground. (You also get to experience my l33t Latin skillz, which will be a punishment to medievalists for not translating this themselves.)

Anyway, Apringius is pretty interesting all by his lonesome. (I found a copy of the 1991 Latin/Spanish edition of Apringius, so as to know what’s Apringius and what’s not. I haven’t finished checking some of my earlier posts against Apringius, unfortunately.)

Beatus alternates between quoting a passage (which he calls a “historia”, meaning in this case “account” or even “scene”), and providing the explanation (“explanatio”) for the individual verses. In the Beatus manuscripts, each historia is illustrated. On the historia posts on my blog, I link those Beatus mss illuminations which happen to be online (a pretty good number). So it should be very handy for people who want to consult Beatus for religious purposes or just to study art history.

Oh, and my convention is that Revelation passages are bolded, other Scripture passages are italicized, and every other quote is just in quotes. I should probably have the same words in red that the manuscripts do, because that would be cool, but I don’t want to guess because I haven’t seen any actual facsimiles of whole manuscripts.

So if you want to read some medieval/patristic Bible commentary or look at purty pictures, head on over to St. Beatus of Liebana’s Bloggentary, over at


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