Harlan Ellison’s House

Not exactly your average California ranch house.

As designed by Tim Kirk, maker of many fine fantasy houses on paper. It sort of fits the 1920’s Hollywood legend, while also being sort of the evil twin brother of Frank Lloyd Wright in the way it fits the landscape. I don’t know that it would be my dream house, but I don’t think I’d kick it out of the yard for eating crackers.

I didn’t know about the facade, not being much up on East or West Coast sf fandom (or any fandom, really, anymore). I do seem to remember that some other skiffy artists made him some sort of cool wooden front door, because he freaked out in an essay when somebody egged it (understandable, since you don’t egg an artwork).

While this is not the Taj Mahal, I think I will stop worrying that Mr. Ellison is going to die in poverty, starving to death for his art. It also makes the point rather definite that he doesn’t live in a Cleveland suburb anymore….

However, the carefully framed pictures belie the fact that this house actually is in the middle of a neighborhood full of other (more normal) houses, even though he’s on the side of the street backed up against the mountain. (Yes, people have put his house on the map utilities, of course.) I have to say, it’d be pretty hilarious to live next to a house like that. And I can’t imagine how the heck he paid off the zoning commission to let him decorate his house like that. Around here, some towns will have council meetings if you paint your house a color they never expected you to use. Maybe his local officials are scared of tangling with him. 🙂


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2 responses to “Harlan Ellison’s House

  1. Anthony Thompson

    What’s the address?

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