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Charlotte Bronte vs. Jane Austen

Don’t hold back, Ms. Bronte. <a href="http://thebennetsisters.wordpress.com/2011/04/07/when-other-authors-hate-pride-and-prejudice/&quot;Tell us what you really think.

Of course, it’s hard to say what’s taste and what’s just reaction against “old-fashioned” books, when it comes to writers of different eras and aims. But it’s kinda sad when wit, humor, and sympathy can’t stretch between literary eras, or persons whom you’d think would have understood each other.

OTOH, Bronte may just not have been in the mood for what she got. It took me a while to appreciate Austen.



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Another Patristics/Saint Quote Collection Book

The euphoniously named Auctarium Polyantheorum Sacrorum for volume 3, with the whole schmole of volumes called the Polyanthea Sacra. Edited by Fr. Andrea Spanner, S.J. This is volume 3, published in 1704. Here’s Volume 1 and Volume 2. There were a bunch of editions, apparently.

These books focus on symbols, types, figures, and other non-literal readings of Biblical imagery and verses. They look very useful as finding aids for stuff in the Fathers and other ecclesiastical writers through the ages.

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