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Video Links for Remembrance

BBC News report on Elisabeth Sladen’s death. Includes brief interviews with a couple of Doctor Who production people.

Not very good audio, but a long 2007 interview with Sladen herself. Here she is on CBBC with a lot shorter interview.

A November 2009 interview where Lis finally gets rolling pretty assertively, and which features Lis reading the news beautifully, talking politics passionately, and then discussing a story about terminal illness.

An example of her graciousness to fans from 2009. She must have been dead tired.

Here’s an early part she played, in “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em”. Lis in the police in “Special Branch”.

Slideshow video with information about the actress.


“Suddenly I see/This is what I want to be.” A spunky compilation, including all the Sarah eras.

Action Sarah Jane Smith compilation to “Just a Girl”. Has some very clever bits.

Probably the prettiest tribute compilation. To the tune of “Try to Remember”.

A wardrobe compilation! Some of these clothes, like the dirndl, were actually Lis Sladen’s; others were inflicted on her by the wardrobe department and writers. 🙂

A tribute compilation to the tune of the 2nd most popular song for this sort of thing. Big chunks of “School Reunion”, but plenty of old footage too.

Not sure why there’s no fan videos on YouTube that are set to this song, as it’s the classic old-school fan song for that sort of thing….

A fan who’s collected some of the many classic hypnosis/mind control scenes from Doctor Who. (This was always happening to Sarah Jane; she was apparently quite susceptible to it — or the writers liked to see her playing out of character!)

UPDATE: 99 Red Balloons. Heh!


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Elisabeth Sladen, RIP

Elisabeth Sladen passed away today. Apparently she, like fellow Doctor Who actor Nicholas Courtney, had been battling cancer for some time. It’s very typical of her reserve about her private life that there hadn’t been much said about this.

I am in shock. I still think of her as a comparatively young actress, and certainly she’d always seemed full of energy and life while playing Sarah Jane Smith in her own show.

A gracious and down to earth person to her fans, always kind and respectful of the children in her audience; a polite and willing professional at her job; someone who got married and stayed that way; and someone who seems to have genuinely enjoyed working with her grown actress daughter on her Doctor Who audio play series. I’ve never heard a bad thing about her from anyone in the Doctor Who world. She didn’t always get the breaks she deserved, but you never heard her complaining about it.

May Our Lord, Who also suffered and died in this week, take her where there is no more tears and no more sadness. Please remember to pray for her soul and for her grieving family and friends.

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