Well, Now I Hope Somebody Gets Video.

Ironic Catholic’s university administrators were incredibly helpful at her until she finally groveled in submission and agreed that, having been invited to the Vatican blog conference (a coup for her university) and having had money thrown at her by her friends and acquaintances, and it being useful for her professional development as a theologian who studies JPII to be there for his beatification, and the last day of classes being no reason to be a freakin’ martyr, SHE HAD TO GO. Heheheheheh. As the LA science fiction club used to say, “DEATH WILL NOT RELEASE YOU!”

Meanwhile, the Crescat got all her airfare and walking around money donated within _three days_. Pretty good, huh?

So Ironic Catholic and the Crescat are going to be teamed up for this sucker, both having an unexpected vacation from job, family, and kid/s. It’s a good thing that Rome is so old and used to shocks, because I’m pretty sure that they will have a lot of fun and pilgrimage too. 🙂 But seriously, it couldn’t happen to nicer people.

Ironic Catholic has a fun book available in both ebook and paper form, so you might want to buy one to keep helping out. See her blog tabs.

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