Is There Anything Blessed JPII Can’t Do? :)

Frees his country, starts the breakup of the Soviet Union, gets beatified on the same day Communists used to make merry (and which belonged to Mama Mary before they tried to steal it), and spends his heaven getting a prince to quit shacking up and a bad Saudi to meet his maker.

Either that, or somebody Polish-American was feeling particularly festive today. 🙂

All this is to say that apparently, Osama Bin Laden is an ex-parrot, and (going by comic book rules) we made sure we got the body. But if nothing happens in a few more minutes, I’m going to bed. I’m not to going to sit around all night watching old footage of Osama while waiting for Obama to come on the air.

UPDATE: Bin Laden was in the same Pakistani town (Abbottabad) where they caught Umar Patek on the 13th of April.

Here’s a musical tribute, via Louis Armstrong.

And to the US guys who got him: a brass band version of the low-voice version of the Agincourt Carol. 🙂 Deo gratias!

UPDATE: Navy SEALS for the win! You might want to combine that soundtrack with this video of the crowd party in a certain DC park. 🙂

Also, Slashdot has reported that even in Austin TX, possibly the most liberal US town not named “San Francisco”, they are hearing “numerous celebratory gunshots”. So I believe America is united on this. 🙂

BACK TO ORIGINAL POST: Don’t forget to pray for Bin Laden’s soul. He’s an enemy, and he’s dead, so that’s two good reasons for any follower of Jesus. (And no particular skin off our teeth, at this point.) This is Divine Mercy Sunday, after all, and those of us hoping for mercy have to extend prayers for it to others. Let God sort out his eternal fate.



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14 responses to “Is There Anything Blessed JPII Can’t Do? :)

  1. Fran

    Sorry but I have to say this. No matter how evil a person is, we should not celebrate his death in any shape or form. There may be a sense of justice, as those who live by the sword die by it. I’m sure Blessed John Paul’s not celebrating over this. As you said, let God decide his fate.

    • Maureen

      Obviously people of perfect holiness wouldn’t celebrate anybody’s death. But on the other hand, even St. Joan of Arc (who was a sweet kid who didn’t really desire to harm a flea) was not exactly prone to shedding tears for her enemies who died in battle against her forces. Maybe later on, sure, but not right away.

      In this case, I see it as tasteless but reasonably harmless letting off of steam. The people who went out and celebrated seem to have quickly forgotten the anger and hate and gone onto a sort of beery jubilation. The older people who didn’t celebrate actually seem to be having more trouble getting over it.

      Mind you, in a lot of places and times, this sort of thing could easily have turned into mob violence instead of old Olympics chants and hopping up and down. But it didn’t. Sometimes it’s good to be cheerful and a little bit shallow kids.

      • Maureen

        Oh, and of course the next stage in American history is to get embarrassed about the public demonstration of negative feeling, and never mention it again. You can see how successful this usually is, because every generation embarrassedly thinks they’re the first generation to be so rude as to do such a thing.

  2. Hey, Banshee! The MP reference got me into a little lighter mood this morning. I haven’t been quite as happy myself … with all the costs incurred the last 114 months, I wonder if the scales of justice have really been balanced. Still — JP2’s doing? Interesting thought!

  3. Paul

    Our celebration is over the fact that justice has been served. We would still be celebrating whether UBL was captured or killed.

    I pray that God will guide our hearts to seek His will and for for an end to this war. Blessed John Paul II, pray for us.

  4. Phil

    Can’t stop kissing Korans!

  5. Phil

    Ok, I have a Koran, for research purposes. Should I go an kiss it?

    Would you like to kiss the Koran?

    What do you think?

  6. Paul

    Why all the hubbub about JPII kissing the Koran? JPII also kissed the ground whenever he landed in a foreign country. Shall we then consider this act to be an endorsement of new/age religions that seem to worship the Earth? No way!

    Quit making worst-case assumptions as to his motives!

  7. Joy

    I felt I ought to pray for OB and then I felt odd and thought not, but you have reminded me why I should. Thanks! May the Lord have Mercy on us and on the whole world.

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