What Princess Kate’s Grandpa Did in WWII

Gave the heave-ho to V1 rockets as a “doodlebug nudger”.

I’d never heard of this, but of course my dad had. What they did was fly up to the V1, flip it up and over by nudging the V1’s wings with their wingtip, and thus screw up the V1’s gyroscopic guidance. The doodlebug nudger would fly away, and the V1 would fly right into the ground. Which is definitely “away from London”, pace the article writer. 🙂

Also, in the Sixties, he piloted for (and copiloted with) Prince Philip during a long goodwill tour of South America.

So for those who read Miller and Lee, obviously the Windsors are breeding for pilots. 🙂

(And yes, I know “Princess Kate” isn’t her title, but “the Duchess of Cambridge” is hard to fit in a blog headline.)

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