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The Moral of the Story Is….

My poor mom got up in the middle of the night, and unexpectedly found the dog with her feet. And then with her whole body. Finally, she found the floor with her nose.

And in case you happened to be wondering which side of the family that my brothers get their nosebleeds from, it’s both.

So I gather that the middle of the night became very exciting for a while, what with Dad and the dog both trying to help out my mom, and the use of icepacks, and tissues up the nose. She’s still feeling a bit shaky and not like herself, though whether that’s the nosebleed, the fall, or the sleep deprivation is a good question.

I think the moral of the story is “If you wake up in the middle of the night, just turn over and go back to sleep.” The other moral is probably something like “Dogs sometimes pick weird places to sleep while patrolling the house at night.”


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Jeffrey Deaver: Tribute to Ian Fleming

Some very fine writers have attempted “professional fanfic”, in the form of James Bond continuation novels. The latest is going to be an American — Jeffrey Deaver. Why?

Pure writerly admiration of Ian Fleming and thorough knowledge of the books, expressed at an awards dinner, with absolutely no expectation of getting anything out of it. Except that the folks in charge of the franchise did hear it. (Yeah, sometimes fannishness pays off.)

So here’s an essay by Deaver explaining why the Great British Readerly Public should trust him with the Bond steering wheel, and thanking Bond and Fleming for changing his life and teaching him to write.

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