Superversive’s Top 10 Fantasy Writer Dislikes

Here’s a blast from the past (2006). Mr. Tom “Superversive” Simon’s ten essays about things he hates to see in fantasy books.


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4 responses to “Superversive’s Top 10 Fantasy Writer Dislikes

  1. Great to get you thinking, even if I disagree with part of what I’ve read so far!

  2. joy

    I like these.

  3. joy

    I was surprised at how much he hated the Belgariad. I really loved it as a teen and I didn’t really see Eddings character blindspots until I tried to read another book series of his. I still have a lot of affection for Garion and co.

    • I enjoy the Belgaraid and the… ruby throne or whatever the next copy of their story line was… but it is pretty much what he says. I like that it’s popcorn- same reason I like some of Lackey’s stuff. It’s comfortable, wish-fulfillment, big container of popcorn.

      Not that I saw that the first time I read through a lot of the stuff… some books I loved the first time I read them, in high school, I can’t stand anymore. I grew out of them, or I learned the tricks that the writer was using and I object to being used thus.

      If you keep in mind that it’s stuff that annoys him, rather than objectively wrong, it helps a bit.

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