Go Go Power Rangers Money

Haim Saban, (Egyptian-born Jewish financier, Hollywood producer, and former composer and soundtrack guy), has publically announced that he doesn’t mean to give money to Obama any more. But he’s says he’s still a Democrat and will still raise money for other Democrats.

Saban is perhaps best known as the producer/executive producer of the longrunning Power Rangers series, an American adaptation of the Japanese Dai-ranger sentai team franchise. I can’t think of any other Hollywood composer guys who have become producer guys, much less financiers, so he must be really really good at finance, running and persuading; but I’ve never heard what his story was. (Other than that he’s a real yellow dog Democrat, so losing him is a Bad Thing for Obama.)

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One response to “Go Go Power Rangers Money

  1. …The funny videos practically write themselves, don’t they?

    “NO NO POWER RANGER (cash)!”

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