Missing Mass of the Universe – Found?

Astrophysicists had made predictions about it, but it took an aerospace engineering student to do the work….

An upcoming paper by a Monash University undergrad (her name’s Amelia Fraser-McKelvie) will announce finding measurable proof that the universe’s “missing mass” is at least partly clustering in filaments between the galaxies. She did it during a summer internship.

This is so darned cool. Go Australia!) I guess it was all over the news yesterday, but it’s cool enough for two days’ attention, surely. 🙂

Here’s a story about it from Sydney, with a picture of the hometown hero/intern. Has that determined pioneer woman look. Here’s another article from the same paper with a smile photo.

What I’m not seeing covered is exactly what data they were using. X-ray astronomy of some kind, apparently. Oh, well, it’s clear that she was doing typical data analysis gruntwork. When she found anomalous stuff coming up, she told the professors. This is exactly how the scientific method is supposed to work.

(It’s also clear that the profs are the reasonable type who aren’t afraid to share credit in public.)

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