May 30: St. Joan of Arc’s Day

The Latin hymns for today are pretty nice.

Hostium Victrix: hymn for Lauds

Hostium victrix, properante cursu,
Carolum ad sanctam comitaris ædem,
Ut triumphantem sacra rite signet
Unctio regem.

Gaudio fundens lacrimas, Ioanna,
Principi plaudis : Domino rependis
Debitas grates, retinesque dexta
Nobile signum.

Erigens longa populum ruina,
Mira fecisti, generosa virgo:
Iure te nostræ patriæ parentem
Sæcla vocabunt!

Sed manet maior meliorque merces:
Te novus poscit labor et triumphus:
Te Deus mittens, dabit ipse vires
Atque coronam.

Qui dedit presso populo salutem,
Laude ter sanctum Dominum colamus,
Semper ut tantæ meritis patronæ
Gallia vivat. Amen.

O foemen’s victrix, hastening thy footsteps,
You escort Charles into the holy shrine church,
So that triumphant, he be sealed with sacred
Unction of kingship.

Joyfully shedding tear on tear, o St. Joan,
praising the prince and paying the Lord all thanks
That have been owed Him, holding in thy right hand
Thy noble banner.

Raising a people from their long downfalling,
Look at what you’ve done, o generous virgin!
Ages will call thee mother of our homeland,
With every reason!

But there remains a greater, better payback.
New labor asks for thee, and a new triumph.
God sends it to thee, giving thee strength for it
And then a crown.

He gave salvation to His hard-pressed people,
Let us give praise then to the Lord, thrice holy.
Ever by this great patroness’ merits,
May France live. Amen.

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