Here’s One for Foxfier!

I guess I missed it when it aired back in December in primetime, and earlier this week… but EWTN is airing The Miracle of the PACOCHA at 1 PM EST. (I’m sure the rest of you can do the timezone math.) This is a documentary (in English, by an American) about a Peruvian submarine called the BAP Pacocha (originally a WWII sub called the USS Atule, before we sold it to them).

The submarine was rammed by one of those Japanese factory ships and was flooding, until one of the guys on board closed a door that by everybody’s calculations, was totally humanly unable to close at that point. (No matter how much adrenaline he had. This was like suddenly becoming Superman instead of just suddenly being able to lift a car.) So when the submarine guy said the door had actually been closed by the intervention of some deceased Eastern European nun nobody but his mother’d ever heard of, people listened up!

It’s one of the few cases in modern times when the Vatican bureaucrats have been able to use a non-medical miracle towards beatification and canonization. (Because usually non-medical miracles happen under wild, uncontrolled circumstances, whereas medical miracles usually entail doctors’ records, test results, and photos. Things that happen on submarines involve physics and math, so it’s a lot easier to show that there’s no good natural explanation.)

Also, this is probably one of the few documentaries we’ll ever see in this country about the Peruvian Navy, much less the religious attitudes of naval personnel anywhere. They apparently interviewed a lot of submarine and navy people for this, though obviously the snippets can’t be very long in an hour-long documentary.



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2 responses to “Here’s One for Foxfier!

  1. That is so cool!

    Found the docu site when I looked for the saint’s name.

    Too cool… I’d been looking for an unusual saint for a story I’ve been playing with, too!

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