Trinity Sunday and Father’s Day

Holy cow, I really should have gotten up earlier and gone to church. 94% humidity is no joke. I wore shorts and a T-shirt to get there, changed into church clothes in the bathroom at church, and darned if my hair didn’t look like I’d been drenched. It didn’t feel like I’d been sweating _that_ much, but I guess that was because it all went from my scalp right into my hair. I had to put my head under the hot air hand dryer just to get it looking vaguely presentable. (Yet another reason to wear a straw hat in the summer. Covers a multitude of bad summer hair days.)

After church, my parents and I met for a Father’s Day lunch. Got it done, had fun. 🙂 We hit an Indian place with a buffet, and they had some of those honey/sugar things that look like pretzels, or some sort of golden Indian version of hot maple sugar drizzled into snow. Also had some triangular pakora with SPICY potatoes concealed inside, and some very spicy Punjabi curry. (Needless to say, Dad didn’t have that! He’s not a fan of hot spices.)

I’ve given Dad about five thousand zillion books, so I tried to break it up a little by giving him a jigsaw puzzle. (It’s of some Kunstler Civil War thing, and only a thousand pieces; but it’s got a lot of similar colors, so it should be suitably evil.)

Next week is Dad’s birthday, so it’s pretty much one big Fiesta del Papa all this part of the month.


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