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Potato Enchiladas.

Where have you been all my life, o potato enchiladas?

The local Mexican restaurant chain serves a dish called Enchiladas Poblano, which is six small enchiladas: 2 chicken, 2 cheese, and 2 potato. The potato ones seem to have a sort of fine-mashed potato filling. Yummy. 3 of them are enough for a full meal, which is why I still have three to eat tonight.

Here’s a recipe that seems somewhat similar.


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Disappointed Sigh. Rant to Assuage My Feelings.

Well, the suspense finally got too much for me, so I ordered Volume I of the Obras Completas of St. Beatus of Liebana. It came today. It’s a beautiful book, and there’s some very nice articles and stuff in it.

But I thought for sure there would be source footnotes, like in the critical edition, and there aren’t. I guess the idea is that if you want to know who wrote what, you get the critical edition instead of the Spanish/Latin translation edition. (Unless all the footnotes are in Volume 2, or something like that.) Well… I’m not unhappy to have the book, and it will be nice to have something to check when I’m totally puzzled by a Latin passage. But it’s not what I thought. (Normal consequences of buying a used book online.)

But I can now see why there were so many totally dumerazel things being said about Beatus’ opinions in recent books (especially the sensationalist/scholarly books that came out for the turn of the millennium). They read the Spanish translation or one of the illustration books (or what somebody else said about it), they didn’t bother to look up his sources in any other book, so they thought certain comments were all his idea.

Arrrrrrgh. I’m really starting to distrust the entire scholarly world, except the types who put out primary sources. I used to think all you had to watch was bias and talking out of the scholarly butt, but there’s a huge amount of lack of thorough preparation also. By people who get paid to do this. Arrrrrgh.
These same lazy liars then tend to turn around and sneer at the honest medieval scholars whom they’re misrepresenting. While displaying their own ignorance and incuriosity, they project it on those who were knowledgeable and studious (and who didn’t charge for their work). It’s disgusting.

On the bright side, you can tell exactly what books and articles these hacks did and didn’t read, by which misconceptions they repeat.

On the non-hack side, I found out why Mr. Art/Paleoanthropologist Guy, that Freeman professor from U of Chicago, was associated with the Obras Completas book. He wrote a big article which I think is about the art and symbolism. Unfortunately, you don’t get to look at most of the art in the book; but I look forward to reading it while looking at some of the art online.

I’ve got about 3/4 of Chapter 2 of the Commentary all footnoted and quotation-marked. I’m also moving forward on the big Four Living Creatures/Pope St. Greg the Great part. I’ve also been correcting and improving a bit as I go. I’m sure my blog translation is still lousy and lurching, but it’s getting somewhat more useful.

Also, I found some interesting stuff about Bishops Elipandus and Felix of Urgell and the whole adoptionism thing in an old Neander book. Apparently quite a lot happened, and Felix actually ended up disputing with Alcuin at Charlemagne’s court. Several other crazy heresies also popped up in Spain at the same time, it would seem. Some guy named Migetius supposedly was running around teaching that the Father was incarnate in King David and the Holy Spirit was incarnate in St. Paul. “Interesting times”, in the Chinese sense.

I didn’t sleep very well last night again, so feel free to ignore all this ranting!

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