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Remember All That Evil Megacorp Stuff in Eighties Cyberpunk? Apple.

Apple security forces recently searched the private home of a regular citizen for a missing iPhone prototype, while pretending to be the local town police (Ingleside, CA). Meanwhile, the local police stood by outside and did not write up any reports of this action. Apple was assisted in this by the San Francisco Police Department, who likewise did not do any paperwork about this.

Homeowner Sergio Calderon says that he was offered bribes as well as threats against him and his family. Apparently somebody out there thinks that Shadowrun villains are a valid model of good corporate citizenship. (One of them seems to be an Apple employee named Anthony Colon; which puts the cyber-punk in punctuation. I could make intestine jokes also.)

Impersonation of a police officer is a jailtime crime in California.

All this, because an Apple employee once again managed to lose a valuable iPhone prototype in a bar.

Oh, and they didn’t find the phone, either.

Do you feel safe? Do you feel free? Do you feel like doing business with Apple?



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Happy St. Gregory the Great’s Day!

Roman patrician from devout family becomes hermit on family acreage. Hermit is besieged by other guys wanting to be hermit monks. Hermit becomes abbot. Abbot gets tapped by pope to be envoy and staffer. Abbot does the job and goes home to the monastery. Abbot gets made pope. Monks move into the Lateran Palace where the pope lives and make it a monastery. Pope finds himself pretty much the only civil authority in Rome. Pope takes on civil government, feeding the poor of Rome, and still staying within his papal budget, all while writing a few classic books of theology, pastoral psychology, and devotional topics on the side.

Centuries later, people moan and complain about how much work they have to do. 🙂

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