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2 Monuments

The famous Jesus statue on 75 like Lactantius’ and Neorxnawang’s Phoenix, is returning from the ashes. New sculptor, new non-flammable materials, new pose, and now a new official name. In Latin. Heh.

I thought pretty much every town except NYC has a 9/11 monument, but maybe not everybody is that lucky. Anyway, my hometown has a very nice respectful one made out of steel from the Twin Towers, and so it’s going to be part of a documentary about what’s being done with such steel. The documentary is called The Art of Memories, and there’s a website with lots of picture blogging.

A blog entry from last year, showing some of our firefighters going up to New York to pick up the steel, its arrival at a fire station, a shot of our little military memorial park in the space left over when North Fairfield Road got straightened, and the steel’s guest appearance at the annual Popcorn Festival.


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