Project 2996: Myrna Yaskulka

Myrna Yaskulka, like my own grandma, was a clotheshorse. People called her “the bag lady” because she always had a shopping bag with a new purchase in it. She owned a hundred pairs of sunglasses. She bought a graveplot overlooking Bloomingdale’s out at the mall. She loved to shop, period, end of sentence.

She was the kind of person who got noticed. She danced, she sang, she sold retail. šŸ™‚

But she also loved her family and friends, and they loved her. Every birthday card was a perfect choice for the individual who got it. Her husband had been shot back in the 1980’s, leaving her a widow with kids to raise; but she seems to have managed it with panache.

She also liked her job as an executive secretary at Fred Alger Management, up on the 93rd floor of Tower One. She’d been working there for eleven years.

She was Jewish, and the family has a Star of David cut from 9/11 steel.

Myrna previously had two different 2996 posts dedicated to her, but both of the blogs involved have apparently gone down. I can’t think of anything better than to link to the many pages talking about her.

Memorial post by her son-in-law. Well worth your time.

Her obituary at Staten Island, chronicling that she’d just had the most fun summer of her life.

Profile from the New York Times.

Wonderful photos, at Voices of September 11.

A guestbook including the text of a Newsday article about her.

A wrenching article about her family’s grief and courage.

Guest Book at, full of remembrances. Guestbook at AmericanMemorials, also with a few comments. At 9-1-1 Memorials, “She was a real stunner.” A note at Prayers for Peace.

At CNN’s Memorial, a picture of her as a younger woman.

Her gravesite, listed at Find A Grave.

This post is part of the 2996 Project, an effort to commemorate all the victims of September 11, 2001.


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