Our Pope vs. All That 2012 Silliness

Clearly he’s not too worried about Mayan calendar reset buttons, and is telling people so (among other things).

After all, if you’re the Pope, and you declare a Year of Faith beginning Oct. 11, 2012 and ending on Nov. 24, 2013 (kind of a baker’s dozen year), and thus going from the anniversary of Vatican II to the feast of Christ the King (King of the Universe, if you include the whole schmole of the name, which the Pope does), you’re clearly filling out your planner all the way through to Advent 2013.

The Feast of Christ the King is actually a pretty newfangled feast in both the OF and EF, so there’s kind of a funny comment there to people who think they hate everything new but love the Feast of Christ the King. (And who doesn’t love that feast?) All the crazy stuff that has happened, all the evil things that have been done, will ultimately be trod underfoot by Christ the King. All we have to do is follow Him faithfully.

Primarily, though, I suspect this is supposed to be a year of trusting God’s plan and God’s love, as well as “opening the door of faith” to others, as the Pope says. Fearing the future is not something that Christian believers should do. Fearing a Mayan future is kinda missing the point of being Christian.

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One response to “Our Pope vs. All That 2012 Silliness

  1. Who doesn’t love any feast!?!?!

    I hadn’t even thought about the year of faith in that light….

    I’m rather proud of my explanation of the 2012 thing– “It’s the Mayan Millenium.”

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