The Lord Is My Shepherd

I shall not want.

Although I may be kinda pinched.

I found out today that my corporate employers are getting rid of people, and unfortunately I’m one of the lucky winners. On the bright side: I’ve got two more months before they let me go entirely, I’m going to get a fairly large chunk of severance pay, I’m not in debt, I’ve got my health, I can call on my parents if I really need help later on, and in short I’m not in a horrible position for somebody suddenly out of work. But it’s definitely a shock.

Please pray for me. I would like to find another job as soon as possible, obviously, but even part-time work would help. (I would rather not live off my severance pay, as you can understand.)

I would also like to finish up my translation project and make some money off it, but that won’t be finished for a few more months. (Although for whatever reason, I’m feeling a creativity burst. Perhaps being blamelessly unemployed starts up the adrenaline.) Obviously I could also put out audiobooks and fiction to make cash, and I even have things I could sell. So I’ve got several strings to my bow, potentially, to eke out my resources if I don’t find a job right away. As I say, I’m in a reasonably good position.


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9 responses to “The Lord Is My Shepherd

  1. Ouch. That’s a hard thing. Count on my prayers. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

  2. I know you’re resourceful. Good luck!

  3. gsk

    Prayers — and know that many of us are enjoying that “creativity burst,” at least what we see on the site.

  4. Joy

    Oh my goodness! I’m sorry!

  5. Patricia Gonzalez

    Oh boy, sorry to hear that, Maureen. Will keep you in my prayers. God bless,

    Patricia Gonzalez (we met at the DC Music Colloquium in 2006)

  6. Alan T.

    Sorry to hear the news. Hope you find an even better job quickly. Good luck!

  7. AgnesRegina

    Oh gosh! So sorry to hear that, will pray for you!

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