Louisiana Makes Pretty Much Every Louisianan an Outlaw

Louisiana outlawed selling things secondhand for cash money, unless you’re a certified pawnshop or junkyard. You can’t buy things for cash, either. And anybody who buys two secondhand things in a month is now officially a secondhand dealer.

Apparently nobody realized that this made garage sales and schoolyard dickering with pennies illegal — or lawmakers are totally okay with sending Granny to the big house. They want to outlaw thieves selling copper and metal, but obviously didn’t write the law with any sort of narrowness. It also seems to violate all sorts of federalness.

Bonus stupidity: Even in the secular comboxland of Slashdot and Volokh, it took about five seconds for somebody to connect this up to not being able to buy anything without the Mark of the Beast. Yeah, Louisiana legislators, real helpful.

More info from Techdirt, who notes that the particularly idiotic provision was an amendment.

UPDATE: A lawyerly take on it from Volokh.com.

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