Walkerloo — Paper Toy Soldiers

On the dark side, not super-durable. On the bright side, easy to pack and very authentically drawn and colored.

On the third hand, the cannons fire rubberbands. Weaponry!

A joint UK/French product, available at toy soldier dealers in the US.

YouTube video fun! With cannons!

Some of their toy soldiers are available as downloads for you to print yourself (a lot cheaper, but maybe your printer won’t do the colors as well, and you’ll have to cut them out yourself). They sell some, and some are free. Instructions are provided to help you to make your “print-fantry.”

Here are the free ones on their website.

There do not appear to be any green-jacket rifle companies among the many French, English, Scottish, and German units available. Or Polish hussars. Other than that, it’s cool.


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3 responses to “Walkerloo — Paper Toy Soldiers

  1. a big pile of spaghetti. i sucked on the end of a ‘string'(?) and ended up here. its quite a nice place… i especially like the music.

    and its nice you think my soldiers are cool. But i resent being called ‘they’ … … perhaps i come over plural – the shortened form of my christian name does have an ‘s’ at the end. but i can hardly control what i do…. never mind what you write. hmmm ‘they’,,, thats beastly. i am becoming beastly. x mythself. christopher writer.

    • oh ,,, n durability…. and the dark side… i envisage infinite mountains of durable small plastic figures in bright garish poisonously steadfast colour, perhaps they’re pyramids… but they arn’t the kind that reach the clouds, they are the kind that make them … and not the white fluffy ones,,, but the deep black sufficating ones. and these mountains go down, – down, down ,down. they’re upside down. i like relative fragile humunculi best, cos we all need looking after. X mythself cw. apologies for the double post.

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