Deut. 24: 5 in Beatus

All these weird little Vetus Latina things that aren’t marked in the critical edition keep showing up in Beatus, and I keep finding them. Search engines aren’t everything for scholarship, but they sure help.

This time, the author calls Mary (and by extension, Eve) a “novam virginem”. I think this also had some kind of specific meaning in pagan ancient Rome; but it shows up in some Latin translations of Deuteronomy 24:5 as the replacement for the woman/wife word in Hebrew (and Greek, too, apparently).

Anyway, since Deuteronomy 24:5 is the one about how a man who’s just married isn’t supposed to go to war, but instead is to stay home for a year and keep his newlywed wife happy, it makes the whole passage of Beatus about the nuptial comparison of Eve and Mary as brides. Not a super-big change, but a nice nuance.

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