New Junk in the Mail

I got a message from the post office telling me that they had a certified letter for me. Naturally, I was very annoyed, because this meant I’d have to get to a certain physical post office somehow, while it was open, to sign paperwork. Fortunately, I was taking a day off anyway, so after a week and a half of worrying about what it might be, I finally got down to the post office.

Do you know what it was?

A single sheet of junk mail. They told me I had unclaimed money and wanted my personal info and a finder’s fee. They also didn’t have my name right, so obviously there was never any unclaimed money for me. They just wanted to mine my data.

For this, I wasted a bus ride, twenty minutes’ walk on a cold damp windy day, and then waiting for the bus afterward. If I hadn’t been able to do other errands afterward, I would have been even more angry than I was.

So I’m not sure that it’s technically a scam, but I hereby name and shame “Smart Venture Investing LLC” as a bunch of timewasting jerks with mush for brains.

Also, everyone else out there, please bear in mind that certified mail and any kind of signature delivery is only good for business addresses which are constantly occupied during delivery hours. For everyone else, it means losing the lunch hour at best, and losing work hours or whole days if the facility is more difficult to reach. So be reasonable. Don’t punish the recipient of your mail.

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