Man Enough to Wear a Pony Patch

Equestria Daily posted a picture of a genuine US Navy brony (that’s a male fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) wearing a very unofficial Rainbow Dash patch. (Scroll down through the news roundup post.)

In the comments, Navy Brony himself turns up. It turns out that he’s a rescue swimmer. Anybody willing to get out of a perfectly good helicopter, in order to jump into the ocean to save people, is apparently tough enough to be a fan of whatever he wants. Even a teenage girl pegasus. (Uniform issues are also explained.)

A much older unofficial pegasus patch was also linked in the comments….


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3 responses to “Man Enough to Wear a Pony Patch

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  2. Joy

    Here’s a site in which a Dad draws on his kids lunch bags. Scoll down for some ponies:

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