Horror Movie in Real Life

So you’re some idealistic young woman with plenty of student loans to repay, and you go to do something idealistic with your friends: camping out in New York City. And then you find out that some of your friends are getting raped, but that the other people are insisting that nobody report it to the cops or even find out who did it and commit some kind of mob justice. There are a few suggestions that rapists and men attempting sexual assault be counseled.

So then, the organizers turn up the heat on the authorities. You’re marching around in the dark, yelling at the police, and suddenly you realize that you don’t know who is even standing next to you. There’s a lot of talk of pushing the old, the disabled, and the women up front, to bear the brunt of the police, while people behind you throw things not far over your head. Some of the rocks and cans and smokebombs fall down among your part of the crowd instead of the police. People behind you put their hands on you, and sometimes somebody gropes you and you have to twist violently away. And then, off in the crowd, you catch a glimpse of a face that somebody thought might be the rapist….

And then, after nights and nights of this terror and confusion among people who are supposed to be your comrades (and after somebody steals your good sleeping bag and pad that you brought from home), you hear that there’s going to be a freak snowstorm. Everybody has to move in together with even more strangers than usual.

And then, in the middle of the howling storm and wind and snow, when every rightminded person knows that everyone has to take care of each other in order to survive instead of freezing to death, you find the rapist doing his best to rape you….

In a sudden desperate combat, our comrades come to your aid. Everyone fights together to beat the heck out of him. You sigh with relief, sure that the rapist will finally be handed over to the law.

And then, your comrades turn on you, and demand that nobody reports the incident to the police. The rapist is to be allowed to go his way, looking for easier prey, and free to return and take his revenge on you at any time.

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  1. Hey, what do you know, a pack of college kids of various ages rebelling against those who rebelled against the rebellion against society (there may be a few more rebellions in there… I’ve a booger of a time keeping track) don’t have the built in protections of a healthy society!

    Since so much of this is being recorded, I give it a decade until someone writes a paper on the actions of #OWS and how similar it is to tribalism…

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