The End of a Queen City Blogging Era

Rich Leonardi, known to us Internet friends for his ancient, trusty, and well-beloved blog Ten Reasons, recently lost his “gig” at the Son Rise Morning Show over his blog being deemed too controversial. As many have done in such situations, he deep-sixed his blog in frustration. I hope it will someday return, as there was plenty of good stuff on it.

Man with Black Hat has the story, and some morals to it.

The problem with CYA moves like this is that they often seem to come out of nowhere. People the subject has never met may know more about what’s going on than he does, and events which have nothing to do with the subject may be blamed on him. All sorts of imperatives and guilts swirl around; and when they settle on some unfortunate person who sticks out of the rest, bad things happen.

Or it might not be like that at all. It might be totally straightforward. But we’ll never know, of course.

Well, as they say in MLP fandom, sometimes you just gotta love and tolerate the heck out of people. I believe that Our Founder indicated that such a response was the tactical equivalent of coals of fire, so perhaps Rich will just do some Love and Toleration grill-outs. 🙂


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