A Couple More Violette Malan Books

Went over to the library and read a couple of Violette Malan books.

The first one, The Sleeping God, was the first one in her mercenary sword and sorcery series. Fun world, interesting setup, tense situation. Unfortunately, it turns out that there were a couple of annoying pieces of cognitive dissonance.

Early in the novel, a young girl traveling with the mercenary couple as her bodyguards notices the look of love in the hero’s eyes when he looks at the heroine, and figures she doesn’t have to worry about him putting the moves on her. Later in the novel, there’s a casual revelation that, oh, yeah, both the mercenaries sleep with other people when they feel like it. So… in retrospect, not a heartwarming scene. When you consider that the young woman references this look of love later on, as the reference point for her hopes for her own budding romance with a nice young man, it gets a lot ickier.

Later, after a lot of “meant by the gods” type stuff as they tangle with a hugely powerful evil from beyond the world, it’s revealed that no transcendence will occur and that humans will use ordinary human resources to deal with it — except that this is then supposed to evoke transcendent emotions in us. Nope. Noopers.

The other book I read was her first published one, The Stone Mirror. There’s a sequel coming out in the next year or so, but you shouldn’t read anything about it. (The publisher blurb for Book Two is a massive spoiler for Book One.)

Anyway, it turns out that a big important personage in the elven world has been exiled to our world for some time, with no memory of his real past and capabilities. His enemies are after him, and his friends are trying to help him, but nobody knows everything that’s going on. It’s a fastmoving book of adventure, action, intrigue, love, and pretty scenery, with enough difference from the usual fairyworlds to make it interesting.


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