Well, this week I worked my last day at my former workplace. I’m still trying to be cheerful about it.

To be honest, I feel pretty ashamed about having to apply for state unemployment assistance. But I’m applying anyway, because I’m not exactly in a position to keep my pride. And I have paid state tax all these years, so it’s not like I’ll owe the state. But it still bothers me. I’ve always paid my way, since I became an adult. So yeah, I’m not happy about it; but I’ll do what I have to. It’d be stupid not to, because I don’t know when I’ll find a job next.

The amount of tax that is going to be taken out of my severance pay is truly horrendous. Luckily, I don’t have to do that tax till 2013, because the severance won’t come till 2012. All the same, I’m not looking forward to all the complications that will be involved. I may have to go to a tax preparer, for the first time in my life.

Going to go see a financial planner at my bank. It’s probably smarter to see a financial planner when you still have a job…. 🙂 But with my severance, my pension, my 401K, and a bunch of other things to look after, I think it’s time to let a professional look at it.

I think I strained my voice a little this weekend, between being out in the cold a lot (because I couldn’t settle), talking very loudly at my brother’s house, and then singing this morning in choir. But actually, I don’t think I hurt myself in choir; I felt a little better after that. I took a nap this afternoon, woke up still feeling groggy, and then stayed home coddling my throat. I don’t feel depressed, but I am pretty tired. I’m going to have to work hard to hold off getting a cold or flu, I can tell. Sleep will help, so I’ll go to bed early tonight.

Tomorrow morning, though, I have to get up at my regular time and start really working on applying for unemployment, applying for jobs, and working on my projects. I also have to finish my Christmas stuff, though. It’s overwhelming, if I think about it, so I just have to chop it all up into doable chunks.


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  1. Alan T.

    Can you file a new W-4 claiming more withholding allowances?

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