Vampire Prosecutor

A lawyer with a special sense for murder cases. 🙂

No, this isn’t some Dexter baddie vs. baddie. Prosecutor Min Tae-Yeon is a clean-cut serious guy who only drinks blood obtained legally from bloodbanks. (How the heck he gets that amount of blood is another question.) But despite possessing tons of vampiric powers and very few disadvantages, he primarily is interested in harnessing his abilities to track blood and death, so as to Fight Crime. And hunt down the serial killer who vampified him, and apparently killed his little sister. The catch is that, if he drinks enough of a dead person’s blood sample, he can sense something of their memories at death; but in return, he suffers their deathpangs.

(And of course, if he doesn’t keep himself under control, he’ll turn into an evil guy biting everybody. Amusingly, the sign of the vampire side taking over isn’t just fangs, but also his eyes turning blue!)

So this vampish Valjean gets himself put in charge of a joint police/prosecutor’s office X-Files squad, along with a policeman buddy, who knows something about his abilities and how he got that way. But his bosses also dump on the new group a crazy-haired intern who wants to share everything with his social media friends, and a very young and chatty female prosecutor. Fortunately, the newbies love the glamorous CSI aura too much to realize that they’ve been assigned to some kind of screw-up squad. But even they quickly notice the odd way that blood samples and the chain of evidence get treated in their unit!

Like Forever Knight or Angel, this is the kind of show where the main character rejects the glamor of evil and tries to make use of vampiric powers only for the sake of justice. Like a superhero, he is pitted by the writers against those in Korean society who are too powerful for ordinary cops to reach, usually. In the first episode, there are explicit parallels drawn between vampires and people able to have whatever they want through bribes and influence.

The problem is that a lot of his standard practices would count as evidence contamination in real life. This may become an issue later in the series, but nothing happens about it in the first episode.

So it looks like a pretty good fantasy/mystery show, it’s only 12 episodes long, and it just finished up last week. Check it out!

Be aware that there is A LOT of blood tossed around in this series, given the plot, and some episodes apparently involve people running around half-naked while getting murdered. Also, the first episode involves the murder of a child, so folks may not want to watch that.

Vampire Prosecutor with English subtitles.

PS: The end of the first episode features the vamp lawyer going clubbing, but the song played is “Camper”, a song in English about playing Call of Duty?! (The version on the show bleeped all the cussing that the YouTube version has.)

Of course comedy songs have their place, but whatever happened to elegant vampire hangouts?


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2 responses to “Vampire Prosecutor

  1. This is really out of date info. And people do not run around half naked before being killed. Believe me, I have watched the whole season

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