Turkey Cuts Diplomatic Ties with France Over Genocide-Denial Law.

Turkey keeps on lying and lying about the Armenian genocide. You know, the bit where hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million, Armenian-Turkish people were driven from their homes, their stuff stolen, and then either killed outright or killed in a Trail of Tears situation. (And of course, tons of raping.) They did the same thing to a lot of Greek-Turkish people, if they didn’t leave for Greece and leave behind all their stuff, but mostly it was Armenians.

Anyway, the Turkish government has claimed for years that this didn’t happen, that it’s a mortal insult to Turkey to say it did happen, and anyway, hundreds of thousands of people disappearing in a single year is perfectly normal. Mass graves? Happen all the time. The people that used to live in this house? Ummmmm….

The problem is that so many soldiers and civilians, and so many founders of modern Turkey, were involved in this little genocide party, that Turkey is shamed by this. They can’t stand it, so they won’t admit it. Even now, when most of the perpetrators are long dead and when Ataturk’s vision of a modern, secular Turkey is almost dead, the new sharia-based Turkey is still ashamed of what they did to their Armenian neighbors.

So yeah, what happened was that a French legislator proposed a genocide-denial law to go along with their Holocaust denial law. It’s not the kind of law I approve in the US, but it goes right along with French legal theory; and today’s Turkey is not known for its freedom of speech. (Especially for Christians.)

So basically, Turkey went crazy and threatened France, which of course made it certain that the genocide denial law would pass. And now Turkey is going nuts and withdrawing its embassy staff in protest, while trying to whip up Turkish French people.

Well, I know this really isn’t amusing. Europe is not in good shape, and Turkey is already crazy enough. But on the other hand, any government which has gone around refusing to acknowledge its own actions for almost a hundred years — well, it deserves what it gets. Also, it’s fun to watch France when it’s in the right. They do the things other countries just contemplate. So yeah, France may be working off its anger with the UK on Turkey, but that’s not going to make most of the world cry any.

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