Okay, so I’m listening to a presentation (on a proprietary jobsearch site that my former employer set us up with, so I can’t link it). The speaker was talking all Northern Cities, and he was probably from somewhere around New York or something.

Anyway, this guy suddenly describes something as “ahnimated”. Not in a British pronunciation, but in Northern Cities. It sounded like some kind of bleed-off from the way most of those folks now say “ahnt” or “ont” instead of aunt with an ash-sound, like the rest of us. (Or even more, a bleed-off from pronouncing anime “ah-nime”, as some do, resisting the Americanizing ash-sound of a short a.)

So is this the leading edge of a trend, or some kind of outlier or simple mistake? Hmmm. Inquiring minds want to know.

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