Prayer Request

Every so often, I ask myself whether anything I’ve done has really mattered, or whether the things I have done as an Internet citizen have done more toward harm than good. But every so often, because I’m pretty weak and need this sort of thing, the good Lord must put it into people’s heads to send a thank you comment.

Here’s one that came into my old podcast/audiobook site last week, while I was at my parents’ house. (Guess the good Lord wants me to use the new microphone for more than making family Christmas CDs.)

Thank you so much for the time and effort you’ve put into these recordings. Originally, I downloaded a few for my husband, a cradle Catholic, to listen to after he had a series of strokes. Listening to them with him, praying the Rosary with him and being present when Communion to him weekly, I began to long for more and am now a new convert. Thank you so much!

Please pray for this lady and her husband. I am humbled to have been used by the Lord to help them along on their pilgrimage to Him. And I’m glad to see that there are so many valiant, joyful people out there, when the world tells us that life is nothing but boredom and grief.


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2 responses to “Prayer Request

  1. 10Kan

    I will, and may God bless you for the sunshine that’s been reflected into my own life through this blog of yours.

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