On the Bright Side

Ever since I got rid of the CFL bulbs in my place, I’ve been feeling a lot healthier. But I’ve been getting mighty tired of sitting around in the dark.

See, I had to resort to some HUGE bulbs previously, just to have enough light to live with. The regular lightbulb equivalents can’t be used in the same fixtures. (Unless I want a fire.) Also, it’s winter, which means a lot of gray days without enough sunlight for reading or anything else, besides depression. It’s actually easier to light the place at night, when the eyes don’t have that gray sunlight contrast. Since I’m staying in the house a lot of the day, this has become a serious problem.

Also, I used to have my desk right up against the wall, which meant I only had to light a tiny amount of deskspace when I was working there. Now I have my desk sitting out, which is less claustrophobic and warmer. But I have to light more area when I’m there.

So now I’m going back to my olden days winter expedient, the Plant Light of Doom. It’s still not that bright, but it has a sunlight spectrum. Stick it up somewhere high and behind you, add a couple more lamps elsewhere in the room, and it makes things pretty cozy. It also produces a lot of heat, which is a advantage in the winter.

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