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Ancient Syrian Cities That Died

Beautiful pictures of Byzantine Syrian cities.

Via American Digest, I think. (Can’t find the link now.)



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I Slept Twelve Hours Today.

Not all at once. I got nine hours in last night (for the first time in ages), and then had a three hour nap in the afternoon. I’m still a bit sleepy.

OTOH, I didn’t have any annoying nightmares the moment I closed my eyes to nap, either. (That was part of how I’ve gotten behind on sleep.)

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“Establishing a Religion, or Prohibiting the Free Exercise Thereof.”

Blogger Marc Barnes lays out the constitutional argument against forcing religious institutions to provide insurance for procedures they find immoral.

More than 150 Catholic bishops and eparchs, and 51 Orthodox bishops, have issued statements decrying the law and explaining the duty of believers to refuse to obey. Leaders of many other non-Christian religions, Christian denominations, and atheists have also spoken up in support of religious exemptions. (Atheists who are smart know that any breach of Constitutional religious rights will hit them too.)

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi says she’s standing with all her fellow Catholics — in supporting the new law. (I guess she’s only counting those Catholics who answer to Pope Sebelius the First in the HHSican.)

SIGN THE PETITION. Protect the Constitution and women’s rights. Men’s rights too. 🙂

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