Salt Pork for Nosebleeds

There’s no home remedy like an obscure home remedy, especially one that stops massive bleeding by a four-year-old girl, and then gets written up in the journals.

The thing that was killing me is that there’s no backstory in the Guardian article. But never fear, the Daily Mail was on the job with details!

Extremely salty stuff that’s a lot like human flesh is probably the key here. Also, the fat may help clotting. But you want to use only cured salt pork, because trichinosis is pretty deadly stuff. (Don’t just slap a chunk of pork chop up your nose, in other words, and probably regular cured bacon or ham won’t do much either.)

U of Minnesota’s nosebleed page includes instructions on how to stuff salt pork up your nose in an effective way. (Scroll down to the very bottom.)

This is particularly interesting to me, because practically all the males in my family on both sides are subject to nosebleeds. (Not life-threatening ones, just annoying ones.)

An old article from Time Magazine in 1940, advocating the same thing.

Via Instapundit.


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