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Christ as “Worm and No Man” and as Scarab Beetle

This is a pretty nifty post about “Vermis” and “Scarabaeus” as honorable and biblical titles for Christ, especially among the early Christians. Very wide-ranging and interesting.

This comes up every once in a while, as there are some old hymns and prayers that address Christ as both Lion (of Judah) and Worm, just like every so often He gets called Serpent (after the brass one hanging before the eyes of the Israelites, that saved them from death and the consequences of their sin). In fact, one of the Sarum hymns for the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus is pretty much all unusual titles.

Mind you, that old American magazine The Comet includes some pretty crazy stuff surrounding the stuff he quotes… and I still don’t get why the guy thinks a scorpion is a worm… but hey, we’re used to sifting out the good stuff from a mess of bad.


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Underpaid Moderators + Facebook Personal Info = Blackmail?

I can’t believe the world’s intelligence agencies aren’t getting in on this racket, but of course there’s plenty of room for shady amateurs.

But since it’s a soul-scarring sort of job, you have to wonder who could stand it except shady people….

How Facebook outsources their picture moderation.

Via Slashdot, who calls it “The Worst Job in the Digital World.”

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