The Price of the Sound of Freedom

The pilot and military blogger Neptunus Lex crashed yesterday, and unfortunately he didn’t make it. He died while working his retirement job, flying an Israeli Kfir as an “enemy” while providing younger pilots with DACT (dissimilar air combat training) out at Fallon.

I always enjoyed reading his insights, his raconteurism, and his beautiful moments of poetry.

A post about this death from someone more qualified to speak.

A thread on his blog which was opened for condolences
, and a less formal one which was taken over by them when the bad news first came.

AW1 Tim’s Blog has reminiscences and a list of others leaving theirs.

Rest in peace, Carroll “Lex” LeFon.

May flights of angels escort you into Paradise.

Faure’s “In Paradisum” setting has a kind of “riding off into the sunset” feel that seems appropriate, though I love the standard chant version best.



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2 responses to “The Price of the Sound of Freedom

  1. D**n.

    (….trying for the emotion of the exclamation without the unsuited actual meaning of the word.)

    May he rest in peace.

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