Scottish Deerhound Animation Alert!

Forgot to say that Disney ran a trailer for Brave in front of John Carter of Mars, yesterday.

Scottish deerhounds! Beautifully drawn, beautifully colored, realistically animated deerhounds!


Now, I could be gloomy about the not particularly accurate portrait of Scottish medieval culture* (not that this is why you go to a Disney fairy tale movie!), and I can be appalled that idiots who think of dogs as accessories will now try to get hold of Scottish deerhounds, just like every other breed featured in a movie.

But I can’t help being happy that the Disney artists were able to understand the beauty, humor, and soul of Scottish deerhounds. Not only do they steal the show, but they ground the movie’s silly fun in just a tad bit of medieval reality.

* Re: medieval culture, it’s actually fairly realistic to have a queen from another royal culture trying to shape fashion and her children. And the great kilts are pretty nice. It’s the whole archery thing that’s freaking me out. Archery is just not an aristocrat thing in Irish and Scottish society, not that I ever heard. Sure they did it for fun when hunting; but if you were having fairy tale trials and ordeals, it was swords or spears or feats with horses, not shooting bows. If you wanted an archery story with Celts, it should be about medieval Welsh farmers with longbows. (And I love archery flicks, so I’m just saying!)

Also, I’m fairly sure Disney doesn’t realize that this would be taken as “princess wants to be a nun, and obviously God agrees” in any real medieval culture. But given the “backwoods tattoo and/or woad guys in the year 1200” thing, I’m pretty sure we’re not going to hear all about a saint’s struggle to be allowed to serve God on her knees!



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