A Few Things

Had a job interview on Wednesday. They’re supposed to let me know on Friday whether or not I got it. They called to schedule the interview on St. Joseph’s Day, so let’s hope that’s a good sign….

My mother’s feeling miserable from the unusual amount of maple pollen in the air around our house. I’m trying to get her to take some loratadine for it, and fortunately there’s a brand called Alavert that doesn’t use corn or yeast in its tablets. (Because there’s no point taking allergy pills containing stuff you’re allergic to.)

On the other hand, the dog had one very happy moment out of it. Mom’s been going through Fisherman’s Friend cough lozenges like there’s no tomorrow. Mom unwarily left one of her little paper packets of lozenges out by the front door with the rest of her stuff she was taking to the car. The dog decided that she liked the smell of it, and left only the paper behind. So now Mom is carrying her lozenges in one of those cute little tins with the dog-proof lids, but the dog keeps waiting for her to start using lozenges for treats.

I just read a good (old) article by Michael Grant called “Translating Latin Prose”. He takes the view that prose isn’t easier to translate than poetry, and that translations do have to be readable.

There are more gulls in the parking lot of Meijers every time I stop by. They seem to love the lightpoles. I heard a teenage girl call the place “the beach.”



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2 responses to “A Few Things

  1. St. Joseph is always a good sign. Praying.

  2. Alan T.

    Good luck!

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