Scapular Promises Can Be Dead Serious!

Or is that “live” serious?

Like they say, God won’t take you if it’s not your time to go. And it’s apparently not your time to go if you’re wearing the Brown Scapular and haven’t had a chance to go to Confession and Communion.

Mary’s promise to St. Simon Stock.

Of course, it’s a bit worrisome to think that the promise may have been invoked on your behalf, because that’s a pretty dire circumstance… but it beats not having it and needing it!

It occurs to me that I should probably point out (lest the scapular wearer come upon my post!) that of course there are a lot of other reasons one might be summoned back to life by the Almighty; but that when one encounters a story about this exact sort of thing happening, it usually is a call to repentance. Especially among the Irish, because we love a dramatic interpretation, and escaping from Hell by the grace of God and His mom is nothing if not dramatic.


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4 responses to “Scapular Promises Can Be Dead Serious!

  1. One of the guys over at CMR did a followup for the NCR.

    • Yes, this is a good positive take on it. This is probably the saner way to go.

      If it had happened to me, I guarantee that I’d find a way to look on the dark side. “If I can’t be a good example, I’ll have to be a terrible warning” is my usual take on things!

  2. Patti Kuebler

    Since I attended a Mt.Carmel school the wearing of the brown scapular was an automatic enrollment at a certain age. The stories of salvation are numerous enough that I don’t know why priests have abandoned this saving grace. I never want to die without Mary’s cloak and the brown wool if the Lamb covering
    me. It’s not superstition, it’s faith in a promise if I am devoted and trusting the Truth.

    • That’s a very beautiful way to put it! Scapulars are very special, and I think they are coming back as a devotion among some younger people. It definitely helps to go to a Catholic school, to learn all this stuff in an environment where it is normal and natural; but parents can do that at home, too.

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