The Pope’s Havana Homily on Freedom and Truth

My cable and Internet was out for about sixteen hours the other night and day, so I didn’t see the Pope’s Havana Mass to be able to discuss it. So here’s a post (with a news video) from The American Catholic. Here’s the English text at, with video of the homily.

I guess it wasn’t enough to reconcile the Babalu Blog crowd, but it certainly didn’t seem to be anything particularly gladdening to a dictator’s heart. Nor was it mealymouthed about proclaiming liberty throughout the land to all the inhabitants thereof.

A theologian with patristic/medieval training, bringing up the three young men in the fiery furnace while standing in an oppressed nation, has already chosen the nuclear option. But it went on from there. He preached freedom and truth. He compared Castro’s Cuba to Pontius Pilate’s cruel and weak governorship, right before Holy Week. He preached up, down, sideways, and backward, to the faithful and to the oppressors. He laid it all out very plainly, in his most easy to understand style.

I honestly don’t know what more you could ask for. This seems like the kind of homily that would set off medieval riots, for goodness’ sake. No wonder Castro’s forces are cracking down so hard now.

(Of course, the thing that really made the Babalu crowd angry was that the Pope met with Castro and Chavez. But being the Vicar of Christ means meeting with a lot of horrible murderers with big wallets or countries of their own, just like being a priest means that you have to spend a lot of time trying to fish for souls among the scum of the earth. Castro and Chavez are evil sheep, but they are humans and even got baptized once. You can’t be Peter and expect Jesus to be happy if you don’t at least make an effort to hook the piranha fish back into Peter’s boat before they die.)


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